Thursday, April 18, 2013

Who is Arne Jacobsen?

As a part time sale associate, yes I am part time sale associate at "Huset" store in Venice CA.
I get this question;  Who is Arne Jacobsen? well I was thinking that I can refresh my memory as well.
 Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971) born in Copenhagen to a Jewish parents. Jacobsen was a "renaissance man" of Danish architecture and design.
In 1927 he graduated The Royal Academy of Fine Arts.
Throughout his life and career Jacobsen was very productive as product designer and architect, one of he's most known and still highly popular designs is the SAS Hotel in Copenhagen that he completed in 1960.He design a great number of single-family houses, summerhouses, and large apartment buildings.
In 1964 St. Catherine's College at Oxford University was inaugurated, earning him some International fame and recognition.

Today for many of us the most known is "The Egg" chair  "The Swan" and "The 7 Chair" which is the four legged sister to he's creation "The Ant Chair" that was a stackable and three-legged piece
introduced to the design world in 1952.
"The 7 Chair"- 1955 sold millions of copies worldwide.
For some smaller pieces you can go to to view it or purchase on the online-store.

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