Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"GAGA" for Color Blocking or Cubism?

By now every one hear or see adds about color blocking, so what is it?
"Color blocking is a technique where blocks of various fabrics are sewn together to create clothing with a few different solid colors". 
The same principle works in interior design as well, you take the good combination of colors and scatter them across the room in pillows, chairs and other furniture, on the walls, in the form of different colors and shapes, walls can be painted in stripes or squares or other shapes with a neutral background works best.

 The colors you choose for painting your walls using color blocking technique should be bold, bright and pleasant to the eye and put you in a good mod.
In 1930 The Dutch painter Mondrian created our most known color blocking in he's work "Composition II" and in the 1960 Yves St. Laurent follow with he's dresses in wool and jersey.
One of Scandinavian company's "Normann Copenhagen"  introduces exciting and bold design products. Especially the color choice of the products.

Theirs "Watch Me Wall Clock" is a perfect example for color blocking.
This Trend is one to have fun with, so play, play, play!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Who is Arne Jacobsen?

As a part time sale associate, yes I am part time sale associate at "Huset" store in Venice CA.
I get this question;  Who is Arne Jacobsen? well I was thinking that I can refresh my memory as well.
 Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971) born in Copenhagen to a Jewish parents. Jacobsen was a "renaissance man" of Danish architecture and design.
In 1927 he graduated The Royal Academy of Fine Arts.
Throughout his life and career Jacobsen was very productive as product designer and architect, one of he's most known and still highly popular designs is the SAS Hotel in Copenhagen that he completed in 1960.He design a great number of single-family houses, summerhouses, and large apartment buildings.
In 1964 St. Catherine's College at Oxford University was inaugurated, earning him some International fame and recognition.

Today for many of us the most known is "The Egg" chair  "The Swan" and "The 7 Chair" which is the four legged sister to he's creation "The Ant Chair" that was a stackable and three-legged piece
introduced to the design world in 1952.
"The 7 Chair"- 1955 sold millions of copies worldwide.
For some smaller pieces you can go to www.huset-shop.com to view it or purchase on the online-store.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lake Shrine

"Lake Shrine" what a place, located on 17190 Sunset Boulevard in Pacific Palisades, CA. I have been driving by some many times and each time I did promise my self that one day I will visit this place, and finally after 14 years in LA I did it today. And what a place!! Run by "Self-Realization Fellowship" since its opening in 1950 to the public by Paramahansa Yogananda. Beside the beautiful grounds my favorite place there is the Windmill Chapel where they daily have a meditation time. I think I will go back and try that my self. Another amazing place there behind the Golden Lotus Archway in the open is The Gandhi World Peace Memorial. Peace is what I needed today, just seating there and looking at the swans in the water or listening to the water made my day today. If you like me feel as you have to much on your "To Do" list every day you will forget your phone and your facebook updates. Try it I promise you, you will be amazed.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I have been seeing a lot of colors lately and it makes me SO! happy.
Pantone is announcing colors of the year 2012 and it's new "Nylon Brights "
with it Tangerine-Tango, bright yellows, oceanic-blue,purple,terracotta,citrus-orange,bright red and many more.
Fashion designers as well interior designers follow this trend.
Both in Milano and Paris Fashion week, we could see all the colors for both men's and women's clothing and accessories.
Flooring company "FLOOR" is fast to adapt this trends and come up with there
own spine on it and here it is great floor that can be easy changed.
View there site www.floor.com
Is this a sign that we are done with the muted colors or that wee need
some more "happy" in our life's?
Here are some photos for you to enjoy.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Succulent Wall

Just wanted to share this picture and a great idea
for a wall. Succulents don't need a lot sun so if you have
a wall in your yard that is unused or you don't know
what to do there this may be something to do.
Try to plant a variety of succulents and there a many;
both hanging and as ground cvering ones.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Deconstruction of a Chair

Last week I had a pleasure to attend a CEU class at "Century Furniture"-www.CenturyFurniture.com showroom at LA Mart. I didn't know what to expect and I got a surprise.
The class was held by Alex Shuford - 3rd Generation Furniture Maker at Century Furniture. He started the presentation by talking about the company history and how his grandfather started it.
Then he talk about the difference between a lower price chair and a high end chair,
and he did had a chair that was beautiful (unfortunately my before photo did not work.
And as the tittle of this presentation say he did deconstruct the chair by slashing it to shreds and pieces with his sharp exacto knife.
You all should hear our loud reaction to that, LOL!.
I attach some photos and a YouTube videohttp://youtu.be/vEKLNGMnwZQ that will explain more about what "Century Furniture" stand for.
And if you ever have a chance to see his presentation take it.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lead-based paint.

Recently I had a friend that asked me what's the danger that lead paint can be in her new rental apartment.
We all know that lead was used in paint before 1960 in US and we here lots on TV about lead used in toys for kids but do we know what it can do to our health?
Here is some info about lead;
Lead was used as a pigment in "alkyd" oil based paint. About two-thirds of the homes built before 1940 and one-half of the homes built from 1940 to 1960 contain heavily-leaded paint and only some homes built after 1960 also contain heavily-leaded paint.
It could be used on interior or exterior surfaces, on woodwork, doors and windows.
In 1978 the US Consumer Product Safety Commission lowered the legal maximum lead content in most kinds of paint to 0.06%
The US Department of Housing and Urban Development recommends that action to reduce exposure should be taken when the lead in paint is greater than 0.5% by lab testing or greater than 1.0 milligrams per square centimeter by X-ray fluorescent.
Lead-based paint is a major source of lead poisoning for children and adults, in children, lead poisoning can cause irreversible brain damage and can impair mental functioning.
In adults,it can cause irritability,poor muscle coordination, and nerve damage to the sense organs and nerves controlling the body, in rare cases even can cause problems with reproduction or increase blood pressure.
The current blood level which defines lead poisoning is 10 micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood.
What to do if you have lead-paint;
1) Have the painted item replaced.
2) Cover the lead-based paint,you can spray the surface with sealant or cover it with gypsum wallboard.
3) Have the lead-based paint removed by a professionals trained in removing lead-based paint do this work.
4) Reduce lead dust exposure.You can remove a small amount of lead-based paint if you can avoid creating any dust.
You can periodically wet mop and wipe surfaces and floors with a high phosphorous cleaning solution (5%)
Government officials and health professionals continue to develop advice about removing lead-based paint but you can contribute to it by choosing products that are healthier to us and the environment.