Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"GAGA" for Color Blocking or Cubism?

By now every one hear or see adds about color blocking, so what is it?
"Color blocking is a technique where blocks of various fabrics are sewn together to create clothing with a few different solid colors". 
The same principle works in interior design as well, you take the good combination of colors and scatter them across the room in pillows, chairs and other furniture, on the walls, in the form of different colors and shapes, walls can be painted in stripes or squares or other shapes with a neutral background works best.

 The colors you choose for painting your walls using color blocking technique should be bold, bright and pleasant to the eye and put you in a good mod.
In 1930 The Dutch painter Mondrian created our most known color blocking in he's work "Composition II" and in the 1960 Yves St. Laurent follow with he's dresses in wool and jersey.
One of Scandinavian company's "Normann Copenhagen"  introduces exciting and bold design products. Especially the color choice of the products.

Theirs "Watch Me Wall Clock" is a perfect example for color blocking.
This Trend is one to have fun with, so play, play, play!!

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