Thursday, May 5, 2011


For a few days now I have been seeing around Los Angeles banners advertising exhibit at The J. Paul Getty Museum "PARIS; LIFE & LUXURY" and today I decided to go and see it.
And what a day it was! The weather was perfect, the gardens in fool bloom and the exhibit fantastic.
A little note from the museum about this exhibition; "Evoking the elegant, prosperous world of Rococo Paris, this major international loan exhibition brings to life activities that took place inside a Parisian town house over the course of a typical day-from dressing and letter writing to dining, music, and other evening entertainments. It brings together a wide variety of objects-from candlesticks and firedogs, to furniture and clocks, dressing gowns and jewelry, musical instruments and games-all from elite society in Paris, The fashion and cultural epicenter of Europe at the time."
"Paris was a center of great cultural achievement and artistic creativity during the reign of Louis XV from 1723-1774" and I am so grateful to be able to see master work of some of that time under appreciated man.
The exhibit is until August 7, 2011 but if not just to see the artwork go and see the gardens or just have a minute seating and taking in the beauty of that place.
I did had more then a minute looking at the architecture of the Getty Center, the views over Los Angeles and just think about why I moved to California, and I now know why......

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