Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bungalow Heaven

It dose sounds fantastic and it was! On Sunday, April 10.2011 I had a pleasure to view Arts and Crafts homes in beautiful city Pasadena California. It was amazing weather to walk from home to home. The organizer of this yearly event i a home association 'Bungalow Heaven"- Here is some info from the association web " Tucked in the deep of the California Oaks that line the streets is a bit of paradise, Bungalow Heaven residents say".
I got to know that the neighborhood was added to the U.S National Register of Historic Places, and as a member of national Trust For Historic Preservation makes me glad to know that we have some think like that at our door step.
I hear all the time that investors/builders demolish beautiful houses just because of the cost to preserve the old house and it makes me think how come that we can go to other country's and admire the historical sites but here at home we demolish them!!
Maybe it's time to live some history for the kids to be proud of.
On that Sunday I seen eight homes and many of the homes maintain the authentic Arts & Crafts style some of them even had Mission- style furniture and decor of the period.
My self guided tour ended with a "Living History" with actors portraying homeowners of the period, in a 1912 bungalow furnished with authentic mid-century pieces and mid-century inspired decor. This is what the proud homeowner talk about; " This eclectic mix of arts & crafts architecture and mid-century furnishings works beautifully, as several of the elements of both architectural styles have commonalities". Unfortunately pictures were not aloud inside the homes.
In did everything blended well together even me!..

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