Tuesday, May 10, 2011


One of the most exotic setting is the Sowden House build in 1927 by Lloyd Wright (Frank Lloyd Wright's son) and restored by designer Xorin Balbes (2002, 2009.
John Sowden house is also known as The "Jaws House" and noted for its use of the ornamented concrete blocks and for its unusual facade, resembling either a Mayan temple or the gaping open mouth of great white shark.
The original owner, John Sowden (painter, photographer) hired his friend Lloyd Wright to build the home in Los Feliz.
The house has been recognize as one of Lloyd Wright's most important works and a landmark in Los Angeles.
From 1945-1951 the house was owned by Dr. George Hodel, a prime suspect in the "Black Dahlia" murder. The doctors son Steve Hodel Los Angeles homicide detective claimed in his 2003 book "Black Dahlia Avenger" that the victim Elizabeth Short, was tortured, murdered and dissected by his father inside the Sowden House in 1947.
You my recognize the house from as home of Ava Gardner in the movie "The Aviator".
Like to share some photos from the house as I had the pleasure to visit it before the sale, the house is offered at $4,200,000. Small price for a historic gem.
If you drive by the address is: 5121 Franklin Ave. Los Feliz, CA

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