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Salons can clean up their act...

Salons can clean up their act...a few tips on how to help your salon become more green. by Denise Genova, Owner, Beauty on Robertson, Beverly Hills, CA

This blog is from my good friend Denise and I like to share with you what hair stylists and salon owner can do to keep salon spaces green.

We salon folk are up there on the offenders list of contributing to excess trash, using a lot of water, as well as power etc.Think about it, we use metal tubes, and plastic bottles for color (maybe on a busy day at least 10 plus) that we throw right into the trash.These bottles and tubes will never decompose, so they just sit there, forever, in our land fills.
While I admit that it is difficult for hair salons to be completely green, here are some helpful tips on becoming green and contributing less to the overall problem.I've broken down each section and listed tips and links to sites that offer great products and services.

There are so many items we can recycle in the salon. Locate your local recycling drop off and encourage other salons in your neighborhood to do the same.Items we can recycle:Hair color tubes and bottles, soda cans and plastic containers, the list goes on. Look around your salon and see what you can recycle. You will be amazed at how much you will find.If you get money back from recycling, buy a beautiful plant for the salon (air cleaning plants are good, and an orchid is always a good investment, they last forever and require little water).

Remodeling/Upgrading your salon
If you are building out, or upgrading, consider these Eco friendly alternatives:Bamboo floors Solar panels Florescent or LED bulbs Eco friendly paint www.bioshieldpaint.comCeiling fans Tint windows where direct sun comes in, this will help save on air bills Set thermostats properly.

Energy Saving Ideas
Turn off lighting when certain areas of salon are not being used.Unplug appliances entirely from the walls (i.e. power strips). If power strips are left plugged in, power is still be used even though appliances are not on.Our blow dryers, irons etc. are plugged into the wall 365 days a year, which means we are constantly pulling electricity.Stylists, don't over use towels on clients.These extra towels ultimately have to be laundered which uses more energy and water.The State of California is in dire straights as far as water goes, do not waste water at all costs.We get a good amount of water from Colorado, and they are at a point where they cannot supply us with water due to droughts, etc.Farmers are suffering and cannot properly tend to crops, in the long term, that translates to shortages of fruits and vegetables as well as other produce grown in CA. This shortage affects not only us here in sunny CA, but everyone across the U.S.

Cleaning your salon
Use cloth, not paper towels.You know you have a ton of color stained towels that you can use for cleaning!Place recycle bins in your color/supply rooms.Another good tip, get a small compost container for left overs from lunch, etc. and then use compost in your garden,37-985,default,cp.html

Promotional gifts for clients
Don't bother with having pens, or post it notes made. These items create more waste in the end. Think about having Canvas Shopping bags made with your salon name on them. When clients buy products they can use their salon canvas bag.

Promotional Event
Sponsor an "Eco day" where you have a contest for the most recyclables brought in by a customer, then give them free products or services. You can let your local TV and radio stations know and hopefully they will promote it. It's good PR and good for the planet : )

Change what you use/do in the Salon
There are so many companies that offer recycled cups, paper, etc. Look them up on the Internet and make the switch. Here are some ideas:Cups for beverages at salon Recycled coffee stirrers Buy sugar cubes instead of sugar packets, less waste (and looks prettier : )Use recycled paper cups Bamboo plates Recycled envelopes, stationery Recycled paper for business cards Set lights, fountains, etc. on timers so that they operate only during business hours

Product Lines
Try to only support product lines that are making a difference.
Beauty on Robertson uses and recommends Belegenza

Belegenza is perfect for those with hair extensions and those who want strong healthy hair. We love this line!Beauty on Robertson carries the entire Belegenza line for purchase in salon (and available on the website soon)

Text below taken from

Belegenza delivers professional results...naturally!The time has come for safe, food-grade products that exceed expectations, match the quality of your services and have your well-being in mind!Belegenza is the one and only silicone-free, mineral oil-free, petrolatum-free, paraben-free, SLS-free, phthalate-free, & urea-free product line designed for the high-end salon and clientele. We have developed a patent-pending formula that actually penetrates deep into the hair shaft as opposed to coating the hair with chemicals. The conditioning and cleansing agents are a unique combination of the fruits of the earth and sea and the labor of the silk worm to provide condition, shine and performance never before possible. Not only has Belegenza discovered a way to make each of the benefits synergistic in their effects—but has done so without the conventional chemical culprits!..... free of silicone, petrolatum, mineral oil, phthalates, SLS (sulfates), parabens, ureas! Belegenza is committed to creating and upgrading all our formulas to meet the rigid requirements set by the CEO Alan G Eschenburg at all times!

Pure Hair Extensions
We are proud to be a Pure certified salon.Pure Extensions is the only Eco friendly, socially conscience hair extension company we are aware of. The company's initiatives are groundbreaking and stylists should incorporate this product in the services offered at their salons.The following link answers all your questions, and if you have more questions, the friendly people at Pure hair Extensions are always available to assist you. What's even better, when clients are done with their extensions, the hair can be sent back to the company so that it can be donated to make wigs for cancer survivors!

TIGI (Toni & Guy)
I am a graduate of Toni & Guy's Advanced Training Academy and have the TIGI hair care and color lines stocked in the salon.TIGI has just come out with their Eco line, Love, Peace & the Planet. This line uses natural and organic ingredients, with very little synthetics. The packaging is recyclable too!One of my favorite products from TIGI for my hair extension clients is Dirty Secret Shampoo from their Rockaholic line. I always advise clients with extensions to not wash daily if possible, this dry shampoo helps you get an extra day before having to shampoo (thus saving water and energy!).

So there you have it...I am sure you will think of many other ways to make your salon more green. Please be sure to comment and share your ideas!

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