Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How to Green your Nursery.

The most important aspect of green design of your Nursery is to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals. A nontoxic nursery is especially important because newborns spend most of their days in the nursery.
It may not be possible to always determine which materials are used in the nursery products or their safety, ask as many questions when purchase the products.
And if the feel or smell of that products bother you it will bother your baby as well.

  • Paint the nursery at least a month before the baby is home.

  • If you are pregnant hire some one to do the painting for you, paint with water-based low-volatile organic compound paints.

  • The crib is your baby's home, chose real wood, natural finishes and organically grown untreated cotton and wool.

  • Plastic is a major contributor to indoor air pollution, most toys are made from plastic therefore get natural cloth and wood toys.

  • If you have to put new flooring consider natural linoleum.

  • Provide good ventilation in the nursery and watch out for drafts, newborns need fresh air and warm room environment.

  • Try to use only natural and nontoxic cleaning products and pest controls. Keep your baby safe, healthy and happy.

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